Do Not Expand Future Tournaments!!!

Sure the 2011 NCAA Tournament was a huge success (sans the title game – ewww!).

I loved that a team in one of the play-in games reached the Final Four by kicking ass and taking names as VCU did.  I also liked having a coach named “Shaka” explode on the scene.

I just pray that the NCAA does not use that as an excuse to expand the tournament some more, especially if it’s to 96 teams.  Word on the street is the suits are really pushing that notion.

First of all, the tournament was fine the way it was.  Hell, there was no need for a play-in game of ANY kind.  The really tournament always starts on a Thursday, not the Tuesday before.

Expanding the tournament only undermines the regular season that much more.  I mean, what is the point of playing and winning some regular season games when you can skate by on mediocrity and get in as the 95th team?  And do we really need to see a team have to win that many more games in the tournament to even make the Final Four?

There is a reason why a regular season exists.  It weeds out the contenders from the pretenders in order to determine who earns a spot in the tournament.  It makes the post-season that more meaningful.

Why care about a regular season if half the damn teams qualify for the tournament?

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