Memo to the NFL: Leave Kickoffs Alone

There are times when it’s not worth fixing something that is not broken.

The NFL’s decision to move kickoffs to the 35-yard line is an example.

In the spirit of player safety, the NFL’s Competition Committee made that decision a week ago.  Word on the street is that the committee discussed the idea of banning kickoffs altogether!

Here’s what’s going to happen:

  • There will be a record number of touchbacks this season (if we have one).  More teams will have a “kickoff kicker” on their rosters to boom kicks in the end zones for touchbacks, preventing big run-backs for touchdowns or at least better field positions for offenses.  That means…
  • There are a lot of pissed-off return men.  Can you imagine weapons such as Chicago’s Devin Hester and Cleveland’s Josh Cribbs being strategically neutered in games?  I mean sure both guys will still be returning punts, but their breads are buttered returning kickoffs.

Why would the NFL mess with what is the most exciting play in football?  Can you imagine how pissed the cover men will be running their asses full speed down the field and not hit anyone?  It’d be like doing an Insanity workout video in pads.

This is another case of the NFL “wussifying” the game of football.

Oh, and while they are at it, why don’t the NFL suits and its players make some progress on a CBA to end this ridiculous lockout?

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