To VCU: My Bad…

I am going to apologize to Virginia Commonwealth University, affectionately known as VCU.

Here we go…

Dear VCU,

I want to apologize for dissing your selection into the 2011 NCAA Tournament.  I am also sorry for poo-pooing your conference.

I didn’t realize how good of a team you guys have.  In fact, I didn’t know you were going to take all the criticism I (and others) laid on you to heart.  Speaking of heart, your squad has plenty of it.

Finally, I want to apologize for Jay Bilas and his funny crack-back on the NCAA tournament selection committee on your selection.

I want to make some amends by giving you props on beating down Georgetown and Purdue in subsequent rounds as if they stole something from you (I’m not going to even mention your thrashing of USC because USC should have been NIT-bound).

Bottom line: you guys are obviously good.

By the way, when you guys lose to Florida State in the Sweet 16, you should still be proud of your run.

Your narcissistic, sports-loving brother in Christ,

Scott Burks

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  1. The AD for VCU said on a local sports radio show today that the players took a particular exception to Joe Lunardi saying that VCU couldn’t guard him…


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