Green Bay Was Simply Better than Pittsburgh

The Green Bay Packers beat my Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl.

As it saddens me to type that, I do not have a problem with the Pack.  Never have, never will.

I like a lot of guys on that team.  In fact, I am happy that guys like Charles Woodson, Donald Driver (my frat brother), and Aaron Rodgers receive their first Super Bowl ring.  I am especially happy for Rodgers (more on that in another rant).

At any rate, anyone who watched the game knew that Green bay dominated from the beginning to the end.  Their defense made the plays when it had to, including forcing three turnovers which led to three touchdowns.  When that kid returned that first interception for a touchdown, I knew it was going to be a long night for my Steelers.

In just a few seconds it was 14-0.

I must give props to my Steelers for fighting back and making it a game.  Most teams with little to no championship experience would have folded pronto.  But the truth was that my Steelers dug themselves too big a hole to climb out of.

Rodgers made the plays with his arm, and that Jordy kid torched the hell out of Pittsburgh’s secondary.

So with that I give the Packers props for being the better team on the most watched Super Bowl ever.  They deserved it.

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  1. Klown, you are showing a lot of class with this post. I wonder if the fact that y’all have won two recently would have caused a different reaction. I don’t know that I could have been as decent if my Cowboys had been on the losing end like your Steelers.

    Hang in there, bro.

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