St. Louis Better Pay Up…

Albert Pujols is scheduled to become a free agent next year.

Even worse, he imposed a deadline for the team to sign him to an extension (before spring training).  Worse than that, he is looking in the neighborhood of 10 years and $300 million.

The Cardinals are in a bit of a pickle.  First, they play in a baseball town with knowledgeable fans who will not forgive the organization if they let the best player of this generation (yes, he is better than “A-Fraud”) walk.  Second, word on the street is Pujols will veto ANY trade, further putting the onus on St. Louis to get a deal done.

Now the question is what should the Cardinals do?  Pay the man, of course!

Seriously, the Cardinals should AT LEAST meet Pujols halfway with 5 years and $150 million.  I don’t think it’s prudent for the Cardinals to pay Pujols $30 million a year when he’s in his 40s (he is 31 years old now).

I do think the Cardinals will have to go 7 years and $210 million.  That way, Pujols will still average $30 million a year, which is more than “A-Fraud”.

Look, it’s obvious that Pujols wants to stay in St. Louis, and I know the Cardinals want to keep him.  Hopefully for the fans sake both side can get a deal done before spring training.

If the Cardinals do not, then the Mets will in 2012…

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