Free Carson Palmer!

Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati.

Bengals owner Mike Brown says that he won’t trade him.


Another year, another sad story from Bengal-dom.  The Bengals went from playoff darlings last season to doormat this season.

Coach Marvin Lewis wanted management (re: Mike Brown) to make changes that would make them competitive in the brutal AFC North.  A scouting department.  An indoor practice facility that other cold weather teams have.  No more bringing in problem children into the locker room.

Brown was wishy-washy on making good on his promise.  I’m guessing upon hearing that Palmer decided to throw up his hands to say “enough”.

Let me be clear on something: Palmer is not without blame for the Bengals’ fall this season.  Since his knee and elbow injuries, Palmer has not been the same elite QB.  In fact, it’s hard to argue that he is just “good”.  Also, he is not the most vocal leader in the world, allowing Chad Johnson/Ochocinco and Terrell Owens (a.k.a. “Two”) to run amok in the locker room.

However, I think Palmer needs a fresh start.  He is a good QB whose prime years have been wasted in Cincinnati the past few years.  A lot of teams would trade almost anything (Cardinals, Vikings, Redskins, Raiders and 49ers to name a few) to acquire him.

I lived in Cincinnati for four years.  I have seen the public disgust with Brown and the way he bungles personnel moves.  I’ve seen him penny-pinch his way to more $$$, even at the expense of improving his team and making it marketable.

I understand why Palmer wants out of Dodge.  Given Brown’s past deeds, he will stubbornly hold onto Palmer and forgo the possible bounty of draft picks in the process.

I always said that stubbornness leads to stupidity.  Such as life in Bengal-dom…

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  1. I think Vince Young will go to Minnesota – But I really like your Cardinals angle. They should do everything to get him. It would make the Cardinals the front runner in the weakest division….Larry Fitz would move back onto my Fantasy Football radar!


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