Carmelo Will Be a Knick…

You heard it here first!

I am an avid (and long-suffering) New York Knicks fan, so you all can understand why I jumped several feet (okay, a few inches) off the ground upon hearing the New Jersey Nets backing out of the Carmelo Anthony sweepstakes.  As soon as Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov made the announcement yesterday, I let out a loud “WHOO-HOO!”

Now, what does that mean for my Knicks?

First, we all know that Anthony’s preferred destination is the Knicks.  It was obvious to me that he would never sign an extension with the soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets.  Why go to the Knicks’ “little brother” anyway?

Second, if I were running the Knicks, I’d be tempted to wait it out.  After all, given Anthony’s overtures in playing for the Knicks, New York has a lot of leverage in this.  All it has to do is tell Denver “yo, you all don’t have to trade Anthony to us, just know that you will lose him for nothing”.  I mean, why gut your team when you may not have to?

Now the onus is on Anthony.  He has to ask himself the following question: is it about the money or does he want to be happy?

We will know the answer by the trading deadline in February…

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  1. Very stupid of Carmelo to express his desire to become a Knick. He gave them the upper hand. Why should the Knicks give up players to trade for him when they can just wait for him to be a free agent next year.

    If the collective bargaining agreement reduces the length and/ or amount of max contracts, then Carmelo will have lost several million. He’s taking a big chance.

    Too bad the Clips can’t get him. How’s this for a starting five?

    PG: Baron
    SG: Eric Gordan
    SF: Carmelo
    PF: Blake Griffin
    C: Kaman (or DeAndre Jordan)

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