Observations from the Divisional Round

I must say I am stunned by the outcomes in all but one of the games this weekend.

I expected the Bears to whoop the Seahawks’ asses.  The final score was not indicative of how one-sided the game actually was.

I didn’t expect the Packers to punk the Falcons on the road the way they did.  The Packers scored at will on offense.  And while the Falcons did not have an answer defensively, it didn’t help that the offense turned it over a few times.  In fact, the game was officially over when Matt Ryan threw that pick-six to end the first half.

The Ravens-Steelers game was a shocker in terms of the amount of points scored.  Sure the Ravens gagged on offense in the second half in turning over the ball three times in the third quarter.  And sure it gave my Steelers short fields in which they scored 17 unanswered points off those turnovers.  I just don’t think Ray Lewis is all warm and fuzzy right about now.

Finally, the stunners to end all stunners occurred in the Jets-Patriots game.  Who in the hell saw that one coming?  The Jets went back to the same place where they were violated in a 45-3 Monday night thrashing and CONVINCINGLY beat down the Patriots.  They left Tom Brady bruised, battered, dazed and confused all game.  Kudos to Rex Ryan out-coaching Bill Bellicheat.  I must say that the best part of the game was when ESPN’s Sal Paolontonio tried to interview Bart Scott.  Classic…

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