Hoke a Good Hire

Brady Hoke is the new face of Michigan football.

It can’t possibly get any worse than the Rich Rodriguez era, …can it?

I don’t think it would.  Hoke is a “Michigan man” from the days spent as an assistant coach under Lloyd Carr.  He is a self-made guy who earned his way up the ranks in the coaching profession.

He rebuilt programs (Ball State and San Diego State), and could very well do the same for Michigan.

Most importantly, he WANTED to coach the Wolverines.

It didn’t appear that the two coaches on Michigan AD Dave Brandon’s wish list, Jim Harbaugh and Les Miles, wanted to coach the Wolverines.  Sure, both are “Michigan men”, but it was apparent from the fallout of their courtships with Michigan that both did not want to be there.

That left the door open for Hoke.

Hoke is a tireless worker who will work hard to restore the glory of Michigan Wolverine football.  He will recruit his ass off, and he will not treat the Ohio State games the same as others (a la Rodriguez).

There are two things working against Hoke.  His hire came late in the recruiting season and he is stuck with Rodriguez’s players.

Nevertheless, from what I’ve seen him do at Ball State and San Diego State, Hoke is the right man to lead Michigan back to glory.

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