Auburn Was Clearly the Better Team

Despite the way the game ended, Auburn was clearly the better team last night.

They held Oregon to 19 points.  Auburn’s speed in the secondary was able to keep the Oregon receivers in check.    Auburn’s offensive and defensive lines controlled both lines of scrimmage.

Sure, Auburn QB Cam Newton was spotty at times, but he made plays when it mattered.  Oregon’s QB Darron Thomas on the other hand, had a so-so game.

Oregon lost because it has never played a squad who is not only physical, but fast.  SEC teams tend to have an effect on teams from other conference – particularly in bowls.

So say what you want about Auburn – that they only have the national championship on loan because they’ll be eventually nailed by the NCAA over Newton, that they may have gotten away with a swallowed whistle in the end on Michael Dyer’s run.

Auburn out-hit and out-played Oregon.

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  1. I don’t know if they are ‘clearly’ better. You neglect to mention the unsuccessful 4th and goal attempt by Oregon. If they kick a field goal and make it, maybe Oregon wins. So to claim one team was ‘clearly’ better when the game comes down to a field goal is a bit of a stretch in my opinion.

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