Sparano Got a Raw Deal

Tony Sparano is a better man than me.

If my bosses flew cross-country in a publicized attempt to offer my job to another flavor of the month candidate, I would have told them to take this job and shove and gotten myself fired.  Sparano, on the other hand, said nothing.

His classiness resulted in the Dolphins brass eating a huge portion of humble pie in offering Sparano a two-year extension, which he accepted.

I would have given almost anything to be in the room when Sparano confronted the Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and GM Jeff Ireland.  Sparano had to be more miffed at Ireland for going along with Ross because Ross and Sparano go years back to their days in Dallas under Bill Parcells.

Either way, good for Sparano for taking the high road and accepting the Dolphins apology in the form of a two-year extension.  I don’t think I would have been so forgiving…

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