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  • Punishing USWNT for Scoring a Lot and Celebrating Is Flat Out Stupid

    It’s official: we are a country full of whiners. I mean why the hell else are a lot of us bitching and complaining over the United States’ 13-0 beatdown over Thailand. That’s right: 13 to friggin’ NIL! The reactions from… Read More ›

  • Warriors to Blame for Durant Injury

    The last few weeks had to suck for Kevin Durant. First of all, he sustained an Achilles injury (I knew it wasn’t a “calf injury” then, and even more so now) during Game 5 against the Houston Rockets. Then he… Read More ›

  • 2019 NBA Finals Preview

    I know the ratings do not show it, but I think this has been the most exciting NBA playoffs in recent memory. Sure, the Golden State Warriors have been the big favorites to win their fourth title in five seasons… Read More ›

  • Happy Memorial Day!

    We, at “The Klown Times” want to wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day! In addition to getting your BBQ on, be sure to seek out a veteran and shake his/her hand. In fact, give that same veteran… Read More ›

  • Juwan Howard Hire Bold for Michigan

    I love, LOVE the hiring of Juwan Howard as head coach of the Michigan Wolverines’ men’s basketball team. I thought it was bold, and VERY outside the box. Hell, one has to think Michigan’s administration has nothing to lose with… Read More ›

  • Final Game of Thrones Power Rankings

    Man, what a dud the series finale turned out to be. Hell, the entire final season sucked. The Game of Thrones writers ought to be embarrassed. In fact, I have questions: What is the point of having a Night’s Watch… Read More ›

  • All Is Not Lost for the Knicks

    I’m not gonna lie to ya, I was mad/sad that my New York Knicks will not be able to draft Zion Williamson. I cursed like a sailor last night. I sequestered myself in my master bedroom so my wife wouldn’t… Read More ›