Scott Burks

Scott Burks is a man of many talents.  Not only does he manage to annoy foreigners everywhere with his “soccer is not a sport” declarations, but he dabbles in a little bit of everything — largely due to the fact that he is unemployed and has nothing better to do.  Scott is not without his achievements.  During his college years, Scott founded a grass roots brotherhood named “Klown, Inc.” with the other losers in his dormitory.  During this time of hallucination, Scott shared his award-winning theory of how pro football can induce world peace.

In addition to pissing people off with his sports-elitist theories, he enjoys playing music, getting clowned by his wife, and eating canned beans and farting endlessly.

Scott is now conducting himself as a grown-up more these days.  He is now a BeachBody coach (click on his BeachBody site here).  He also participated in a Huffington Post Live webcast on whether college student-athletes should be getting paid.

UPDATE:  Scott now believes in soccer is a huge fan.  Even old-ass dog can learn new tricks…

Jeremy Winters

Jeremy Winters is a star in the making.   In addition to being a contributor of the Klown Times, he is a prominent member of Klown, Inc.  During the infancy stages of the brotherhood, Jeremy was the original Head of Operations of “Woman Repellant Enterprises”.  Hailing from Dallas, TX, he is also a huge Dallas Cowboys fan (we will not hold that against him).

Chris Loupe

Chris Loupe is the mack of all macks.  ‘Nuff said…

T.W. Scott

T.W. Scott is a talented writer and the self-proclaimed most competitive person alive. He is an Atlanta native and one of the few true Atlanta pro sports fans — Hawks, Falcons, and Braves (God bless him).  T.W. bleeds red and black: the colors of his high school alma mater the Banneker Trojans as well as UGA. He is quite possibly the craziest most fanatical UGA Bulldogs fan. T.W. has been married to the wonderful Ms. Scott, though she is currently living and finishing school in Columbia, SC.  Besides writing T.W. is an avid golfer and a student of basketball. He writes columns for fans from their point of view.  A voice for the people letting the world know what’s on HIS damn mind! If you have any questions, column ideas, or just wanna chat, you can reach T.W. at  He also owns a blog of his own at .

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