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Goodell Should not Have Received ANY Extension

NFL Commissioner/warden/playa hater Roger Goodell received a contract extension that will run through 2018.  Needless to say I am not too happy about this move.

This is a man who presided over the first work stoppage in the NFL in over 20 years this past offseason.  This is the same dude who is trying to take the “football” out of football by implementing those stupid-ass “defenseless player” rules (though I do agree with the helmet-to-helmet rules).  Defensive players cannot even touch nor breathe on receivers down the field without fear of pass interference calls.

And here’s the capper: players cannot hit those pretty-ass quarterbacks up high and down low.  In short, Goodell is turning the NFL into a mixture of flag football and soccer.

I miss the NFL of old where fans witnessed big hit after big hit without any fear of penalties and fines.  I miss the NFL where defense was valued a bit more.

Thanks to Goodell’s stupid-ass, the NFL is softer than college football.  Don’t be surprised to see offensive players wearing flags and quarterbacks wearing pink skirts.

Yeah Goodell brought the NFL a tougher player conduct policy, but who cares.  Goodell sucks…


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