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MJ Doing the Right Thing in Bringing the “Hornets” Back to Charlotte

Charlotte-Hornets1Michael Jordan finally got something right for a change.

Jordan announced that the Charlotte franchise will be known as the Charlotte Hornets starting with the 2014-2015 NBA season.  The process will take about a year’s time due to re-branding, the re-acquisition of digital rights, buying the name back from the NBA, and so on.

This is a classic example of making a change after the “this isn’t working” admission.  From the minute former owner Bob Johnson named the team after himself by calling it the Bobcats, that franchise was destined to struggle.  The fans had a hard time taking to that nickname.  And we won’t mention the public relations transgressions Johnson made along the way.

At least Jordan read the tea leaves and made the name change.  He wisely conducted polls and solicited opinions of fans in the region and the prospect of a name change to “Hornets” was received with overwhelming support.

While Jordan is at it, he may as well go all in with the color change.  Bring back the teal and purple dammit!

Props to Jordan for doing the right thing with his Charlotte franchise.  Now if could only draft better and hire a good coach – or better yet, just staying the hell out of the way…

Sorry Jim Boeheim, but Jordan Is Better than LeBron

Syracuse basketball coach/Team USA assistant coach Jim Boeheim is an absolute beauty.  He is as colorful as it gets in sports.  His dry, sarcastic humor on shows such as “Pardon the Interruption” and the “Jim Rome Show” makes for hilarious, epic interviews.

However, I gotta go against my guy Boeheim on the Michael Jordan-LeBron James debate.  Boeheim thinks that James is better than LeBron.

I think that statement borders on heresy.

First of all, let it be known that I am not a fan of Michael Jordan.  In fact, I am an avid hater of Jordan’s – and damn proud of it.

However, this is just too easy to argue in favor of Jordan.  Jordan won six NBA titles.  He is a six-time NBA Finals MVP.  He is a five-time NBA MVP.  He is a 10-time scoring champion.  In short, he is arguably the greatest player to ever play the game (I believe that Magic Johnson is the best, but that is another rant for another time).

Numbers aside, it’s Michael Freaking Jordan!

Now LeBron may win more titles before his career is over.  He is already a three-time NBA MVP.  He may have a better skillset than Jordan in terms of passing.  Besides, LeBron is more Magic than Jordan.

And while LeBron may be a better athlete than Jordan (dude is 6’8″, 270 lbs and could flat out fly), Jordan has proven to be a better player.

Enough about what I think, what say you?

Michael Jordan Is the Worst Executive in Pro Sports

Move over Donald Sterling and Stephen Ross, there is an even worse owner of a pro sports franchise out there.  And he just happens to be one of the greatest pro basketball players of all time.

Let’s state the obvious here: Michael Jordan the executive is light years away from Michael Jordan the player.

Oh, and there’s more.  Jordan is the same dude who picked Kwame Brown as the overall top pick in 2001 and Adam Morrison with the second pick of the 2006 draft.  Just horrible!

How in the hell does a guy who, as a player, did everything he could to be the best can be so damn “turrible” as an executive?  Does Jordan not have any pride?

Now he’s leading the Bobcats’ tanking charge while losing their 21st straight game – 21 straight! – earlier tonight against the not as woeful, but bad,  Washington Wizards.  Hell given the margin of the loss (101-73), it’s obvious the Bobcats have long quit on this season.

Here’s hoping that Michael Jordan loses out on the Anthony Davis sweepstakes.  Hell, even if Jordan does get the top pick in the lottery, he’ll find a way to screw it up.


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