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Believe It or Not, Geno Auriemma Has a Point

ncaaUConn’s women’s basketball coach Geno Auriemma is a lot of things to a lot of people – most of them not so good.

He comes off as an egotistical blowhard, always seemingly bloviating over how great the women’s game is (and his team, of course), as well as other topics he may seemingly no idea of what he is talking about.  And he did not improve that perception when he said that the men’s college game was “a joke”.

Here’s his quote:

“I think the game is a joke. It really is. I don’t coach it. I don’t play it, so I don’t understand all the ins and outs of it. But as a spectator, forget that I’m a coach, as a spectator, watching it, it’s a joke. There’s only like ten teams, you know, out of 25, that actually play the kind of game of basketball that you’d like to watch. Every coach will tell you that there’s 90 million reasons for it.”

The first thing that popped in my mind (and most people’s) was the following: “Who in the hell does he think HE is?  Didn’t Auriemma watch the NCAA tournament?”

I (and most people) also thought that of all the things that are a joke and unwatchable, women’s college basketball takes the cake.  I mean nothing says interesting more that one team (UConn) blowing the hell out of the rest of the field year in and year out.  Having women’s tournament games in the Sweet 16 drawing less than 3,000 spectators helps Auriemma’s cause too.

HOWEVER, if you listened more to what this blowhard had to say, you’d see that Auriemma actually has a point – and you may end up agreeing with him.  Here ya go:

“And the bottom line is that nobody can score, and they’ll tell you it’s because of great defense, great scouting, a lot of team work, nonsense, nonsense. College men’s basketball is so far behind the times it’s unbelievable. I mean women’s basketball is behind the times. Men’s basketball is even further behind the times.”

Let’s dissect Auriemma’s last quote.

First of all, scoring IS down and some games in the regular season are hard to watch.  Has anyone tried watching any Virginia Cavaliers games or almost all Big Ten (14) games?  Scoring points are at a premium, and watching those games are like paradise at the dentist’s office.

There are many ways scoring could be increased.

I believe the 3-point line should be moved further out.  That would help open up the court and encourage movement on offense.  Move movement = more scoring opportunities.

I think the shot clock should be lowered to 30 seconds.  Less time to take a shot means more offensive possessions.  And more offensive possessions increase the chances of more points being scored, unless that team’s offense flat-out sucks.

I also think that they should take decrease the number of timeouts: coaches and TV.  The college game is, unlike the NBA, a coach’s game.  Coaches get five timeouts (four 30-seconds and one 60-seconds), and if the game is broadcast on TV, radio and over the internet, four media timeouts PER HALF (at the first dead ball under 16, 12, 8 and 4 minutes remaining in each half).  Why in the hell do we have four media timeouts per half?  Do announcers need to take a piss at those moments?  I don’t see a damn port-a-potty chilling behind the baskets.

As a result of all those timeouts, coaches usually save their own timeouts to use at the end of competitive games, rendering the last 90 seconds of such games unbearable to watch.

So, as much as I loathe Auriemma from time to time, I have to say that I agree with dude 1,000%.

Again, people may hate on Auriemma for calling the men’s game “a joke”.  He may come off as a bit of a pompous-ass because of that.  But you can’t hate on the man for being on point.

Criticism of Gabby’s Hair Shows How Much We Hate Ourselves

Today was supposed to be a day of celebration – for all Americans and particularly black Americans.

Not only did Gabby Douglas become the the third straight American to win gymnastics’ biggest prize, she became the first African-American to do so. We as black Americans – and one could argue people of African descent worldwide – should have been celebrating all over: from Twitter to Facebook, from the beauty parlors to the barber shops.

Unfortunately, we black folk seemed to be all too focused on what is the equivalent of a wet blanket: Gabby’s hair.

That’s right white America and the rest of the world. We black folks did not like the way Gabby’s hair looked while putting on a stellar athletic performance in the women’s individual all-around gymnastics competition – and took to Twitter and Facebook to let the rest of the world know.

You are probably asking yourselves (and some black people) the following: why do black folks care so much about how Gabby’s hair looked instead of her winning the gold medal? The answer is quite simple.

Black folks hate themselves – and each other.

Whether it’s the constant rise in black-on-black crime in this country, or as something as inconsequential as how someone’s hair looks. It’s the same reason we brothers parade ourselves in rap videos as wanna-be gangstas and thugs while objectifying our women as nothing but two-bit hoes. It’s the same reason why some brothers think it’s cool spread our seed all around leaving scores of father-less children behind. It’s also the same reason why some brothers – not all, but too many – think it’s cool to wear our pants halfway off our asses.

Blacks just flat out hate themselves. Now of course I am speaking in general terms – not all black people are that stupid. It’s just that too many of us are.

If you don’t believe me, take a nice stroll into the world of Twitter and see for yourselves. I cannot believe the number of black folks who clowned this young sista’s hair instead of being happy to see one of us becoming the first to accomplish something in Olympic history.

Here’s one instance where some tweets were displayed in a Yahoo! Sports column. It’s just sad, and that’s too bad.

In the meantime, I’m going to celebrate this young sista’s historic achievement the best way I know. Congratulations to you, Gabby Douglas. I hope this is the start of something big…

Our Women’s Soccer Team Choked

Disclaimer: this is one of the very few positive rants I will ever make on soccer.  Now without further ado…

First let me say that I am extremely proud of our women’s World Cup team.

They showed a lot of grit throughout the tournament, whether it’s playing through pain (Abby Wambach’s Achilles injury), overcoming adversity (bad calls in the Brazil game) or not stooping to the level of competition (the bush-league tactics of Brazil).  Our team’s “never say die” attitude captivated the nation throughout the tournament – and yes, I was watching.

That said, I have to be honest: our women’s team choked.  Big time.

First of all, while I do not know much about soccer, no team should blow a lead with only nine minutes left in regulation.  Our team took a 1-0 lead on Japan thanks to a beautiful goal by Alex Morgan in the 69th minute, only to give it back in the 80th minute on a defensive gaffe in front of our own net!

Unfortunately for us, it didn’t stop there.  Wambach scored during extra time for a 2-1 lead, only to lose it in the 117th minute on, you guessed it, another defensive breakdown.

Then it got worse during the penalty kicks.  Two blocks and a total whiff by our players later, and Japan walks away with the World Cup.

Simply put, we had the top-ranked team in the world and lost to a clearly inferior team in Japan.

If that doesn’t scream “choke job”, then I don’t know what does.

I’ll give credit where credit is due.  Japan did a helluva job in hanging in against us.  The Japanese withstood a furious challenge from us in the first half without wilting under the pressure.  Best of all, Japan came through when it counted in the end.

Having said that, let’s be honest about something here.  The better team did NOT win.  Anyone who watched the game knew that we should have scored AT LEAST THREE goals in the first half.  We had our chances, but could not cash them in.

However, as the Japanese demonstrated for the world to see, one does not have to be the better team in order to be the TOUGHEST team.


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