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College Football Playoff Committee Got it Right

CFB-Playoff-Vertical Signature_RGBFor the last few weeks, I have been peppering the College Football Playoff Selection Committee with questions.

Why is the lone unbeaten team among the Power Five conferences – and in all of college football – not ranked #1?  Why did it keep putting one-loss teams in front of said undefeated team?  Even worse, why put TCU in front of Florida State???

However, upon seeing the last CFP rankings I have to say something – and I can’t believe I am about to type this.

The committee got it right.

First of all, I will not debate the merits of Alabama and Oregon.  Yes they did sustain one loss each, but let’s not kid ourselves.  Those are the best two teams in college football – period.

So let’s turn to the following teams: Florida State, Ohio State, TCU, and Baylor.  The committee would have been stuck on stupid if it had left the undefeated defending national champion Seminoles out of the playoffs.  Sure, FSU had been shitted on despite their perfect record all season long.  I mean if it wasn’t them not maintaining “game control” (whatever the fuck that means), it was being clowned for their schedule (despite playing the most Power 5 conference teams in the country).  However 13-0 is 13-0, and FSU was not going to be denied.

As for Ohio State, any time a team curb-stomps what I thought was a good team for the Big Ten championship with its THIRD-STRING QB, it is more than deserving.  59-0 over Wisconsin?  No question with the Buckeyes’ selection either.

Which brings us to TCU and Baylor.  Look, both squads had AMAZING seasons.  Both finished 11-1 and are co-champions of the Big 12.  Herein lies the problem: the “co-champions” part.  The committee was not going to be picking ANY co-champion.

I could go on and say that Baylor needs to schedule better out-of-conference opponents.  I could also say that TCU should not choked against Baylor in the final quarter earlier this season.

The fact of the matter is the committee has punished the Big 12 for not having a conference championship game.  I thought the Big-12 was trying to get off easy and back-door its way into the playoff by not doing so.

Here is some unsolicited advice: grab two more teams (Cincinnati and BYU) and have a conference championship game like everyone else.  Oh, and schedule better too…


Nebraska Was Wrong in Firing Bo Pelini

NebraskaNow that we all have time to digest the University of Nebraska relieving Bo Pelini of his head coaching duties yesterday morning, let’s take a step (or two) back and examine what led the university to this point.

Let’s first look at Pelini’s record in Lincoln.  He went 67-27 during his seven years as head coach.  He averaged over nine wins per season.  Hell, this NC State alum would KILL for a a coach who could produce nine wins a season.

However, people who were not down with Pelini would point out that 67-27 record includes the following:

  • Going 8-17 vs. AP-ranked teams (3-9 on road)
  • No BCS Bowl appearances
  • 3-3 overall in bowls
  • No conference titles (lost in 2012 Big Ten title game, 70-31)

It also bears noting that when Nebraska loses conference games in the B1G, it loses BIG (no pun intended).  Along with the aforementioned ass-kicking it took in the B1G title game, Nebraska also lost big to Wisconsin 59-34.  In addition to blowing a lead to Minnesota at home, it had to come from behind against Iowa (Iowa?!) last week to get back to the usual nine-win plateau.

In other words, that is not considered good enough for a school to reach the “next level”.

That said, I will say this: how many coaches could consistently pull off season of at least nine wins?  Not many.

How many coaches could do it in present-day Lincoln?  Again, not many.

I hate to break this to you Shawn Eichorst (Nebraska’s athletic director) and members of Husker Nation, but times have changed – especially when it comes to recruiting.

There was a time where Nebraska was among the few “haves” in college football.  Legendary coach Dr. Tom Osborne consistently had his pick of the litter when it came to bringing in blue-chip talent.

Now there are schools like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Michigan State and even Iowa that have been successfully competing with Nebraska for recruits.  Even traditional powerhouses such as Texas, Oklahoma and Ohio State have consistently beaten the Huskers to the recruiting punch.

As a result, the Huskers are no more than a very good team in a so-so football conference.

So here is a couple of questions for Mr. Eichorst and the Husker brain-trust: who the hell are you going to bring in to take Nebraska to that next level?  The candidate obviously have to be an experienced head coach, so are they going to pry the likes of Nick Saban, Dabo Swinney, Jimbo Fisher, and Urban Meyer from their present posh posts?

And sure, Pelini seemed to be a prick off the field and to the media.  And I do not like the way he turns beet-red and curses out his players on the sidelines.  But is Nebraska REALLY sure that the new hire would Pelini’s production at a school whose time has long passed?

Good luck with pulling that shit off.

Jameis Winston Needs an Intervention

florida stateI’m starting to wonder about Jameis Winston.

The Florida State quarterback has been suspended for the first half of Saturday’s game against Clemson after he was seen shouting an obscene sexual phrase on campus Tuesday, which is the latest incident in which his off-field behavior has created problems for the team.  The obscene sexual phrase in question was “fuck her right in the pussy!”.

Those who are social media-savvy know that phrase has been used in countless videos.  Here’s a compilation of sorts that will get the blood flowing:

Yeah, that’s not juvenile right?

I have one question: what in the hell is up with Winston?

First of all, he was involved with the alleged sexual assault case last year.  Then he decided to steal some crab legs from a grocery store, while claiming not knowing how those crab legs ended up in his pockets.  And now this.

Let’s get one thing clear: this kid doesn’t get it.  I mean sure, most college kids have done stupid shit at least once on or off campus.  Hell Lord knows I’ve done more than my share of stupid shit.

However, with Winston it is different because he is held to a higher standard.  He is the starting quarterback on the defending national champion Seminoles.  He is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner.  He is also a potential top overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft!

Winston had been suspended for the first half of the big ACC showdown against Clemson this weekend.  I think that’s a rather light punishment considering what all he has gotten away with.

Even with this “punishment”, it’s not as if Florida State officials have done much to curb his questionable behavior.  Whenever Winston ran afoul of the law in the past, FSU officials essentially shrugged their shoulders and waved it off as Jameis being Jameis.

After Winston was caught taking the crab legs and crawfish without paying, he was ordered to complete 20 hours of community service and was suspended from playing in a three-game baseball series against Minnesota.  But FSU football coach Jimbo Fisher didn’t discipline him for the incident.

One of these days Winston’s time will run out and he will be “Law and Order”ed somewhere on Rikers Island.  Besides, doesn’t he realize he is costing himself potential $$$ in his NFL future?  He needs to act like he has some sense fast, quick, and in a hurry.

The sad part is that history has shown that Winston STILL will not get it.  Maybe an intervention (or exorcism) would help?

B1G Is One Sorry-Ass Football Conference

big10-11-nav-logoIt has been quite an interesting last two weekends for the Big Ten conference.  And by interesting I mean losing big out of conference games and lowering its standing in the so-called “Power 5″ conferences.

Let us count the ways…

Last weekend the B1G’s three brand-name schools Michigan State, Michigan and Ohio State all lost BIG (no pun intended).  The Spartans ran out of gas and therefore got run out of town in the second half  in Oregon.  Michigan was shut out in what may be the last regular season meeting vs. Notre Dame.  And in what was the biggest shocker of all, Ohio State lost by two touchdowns to Virginia Tech – at home.

The B1G went 3-5 in seven non-conference games, the only three wins being Ohio State’s demolition of Kent State, Michigan getting by Miami (Ohio), and Nebraska’s curb-stomping Fresno State.  Minnesota and Illinois were blown out. Purdue fought hard but was ultimately over-matched. A shootout slipped away from Maryland. It’s probably best not to mention what happened to Iowa at all.

And after Saturday the Big Ten finds itself with a 1-10 record against Power 5 opponents.  Hell, the B1G also lost three games against Mid American Conference schools this season (Indiana losing to Bowling Green, Central Michigan curb-stomping Purdue, Northwestern losing to No. Illinois).

The B1G has nobody else it can blame for the lack of respect nationally when it keeps coming up short in its biggest opportunities to earn it around the nation. There may still be a College Football Playoff contender or two at the top of the league, but if there’s a logjam for the third and fourth spots in December, the B1G’s best may look back at September games it wasn’t even involved in as the reason it gets left out of the playoff field.

Hell you know it’s bad if fans of the conference of my youth, the Atlantic Coast Conference, are clowning another conference’s perceived weak “little brother” standing among the other “Power 5″ conferences.

Now the B1G could correct this problem next weekend by simply doing the following: win all of its non-conference games.  Nebraska needs to beat Miami at home, Maryland needs to win at Syracuse, Iowa needs to win at Pitt, Indiana needs to a Missouri, and Michigan needs to beat Utah at home.  It’s daunting, but doable.

Otherwise the Mid American Cnference will be looking to pile on the B1G misery.  #MACtion indeed…

2014 College Football Preview: Who’s Gonna Win it All?

Free-Ncaa-Football--Wallpaper-473Today not only will I preview the one remaining power conference (sorry Pac-12) and the “Group of Five” conferences (MAC, Mountain West, American, Sun Belt, and Conference USA), I will tell you guys who I think will make the inaugural College Football Playoff and who will be the first champion.

I will first list the power conferences I’ve already previewed with only the conference champs.  In case y’all want to learn about the other teams in those conferences, I’ve provided links to each of those conferences’ previews (reading is fundamental, you know?).  Again, with apologies to the Pac-12, I will only list the predicted order of finish.  The “Group of Five” will be given the same treatment.

So, without further ado…

Atlantic Coast Conference: Florida State

Big Ten: Michigan State

Big 12: Oklahoma

Southeastern Conference: Alabama



  1. Oregon
  2. Stanford
  3. Oregon State
  4. Washington
  5. Washington State
  6. California


  1. UCLA
  2. USC
  3. Arizona
  4. Arizona State
  5. Utah
  6. Colorado

Pac-12 champions: Oregon Ducks

MAC (#MACtion): Bowling Green

American: Cincinnati

Mountain West: Utah State

Conference USA: Marshall (“We Are MARSHALL!”)

Sun Belt: Louisiana-LaFayette

College Football Playoff participants: Florida State, Alabama, Auburn, Oklahoma

College Football Champion: Alabama Crimson Tide



Autonomy a Game Changer in College Athletics

ncaaA lot could be taken from the award of autonomy for the Power 5 conferences (Atlantic Coast Conference, Big 10, Big-12, Pac-12 and Southeastern Conference) in college athletics.

On one hand, autonomy is viewed as a victory for student-athletes.  Autonomy grants the Power 5 the ability to to award those athletes cost of attendance, improved long-term health care and guaranteed four-year scholarships.  The value of those athletic scholarships its schools hand out to cover costs beyond tuition, room and board, books and fees.

On the other hand, autonomy is viewed as something that will widen the gulf between the “haves” (Power 5 conferences) and the “have nots” (the so-called “Group of 5″).  Critics will be quick to say that schools from the “Group of 5″ (Mid-American Conference, American Athletic Conference, Sun Belt, Conference USA and Mountain West) will not be able to keep up with the Clemsons, Florida States, Alabamas, Auburns, Oregons, and Notre Dames (considered a “Power 5″ school thanks to its affiliation with the ACC).

Either way, I think this will be fascinating as hell.

First of all, I think it would affect recruiting immensely.  Just imagine if Nick Saban comes into a kid’s living room promising a guaranteed four-year scholarship that will also put an extra thousand or more in his pocket.  A rep from, say Marshall, could not compete with that.  Or, in an example that hits close to home, reps from East Carolina trying to compete with reps from UNC, Clemson, Virginia Tech, South Carolina, or NC State (my Wolfpack are so bad, so maybe NCSU is not the best example).

Schools from the “Group of 5″ cannot compete with the power conferences’ prestige is one thing.  Competing with the power conferences’ wealth is another.

Another thing to think about is how this would affect other sports at even the bigger universities.

It’s obvious that this autonomy ruling affects football and basketball the most.  After all, those sports are the money-makers at most universities.

For schools in the Group of 5, there is only so much money to go around.  If they want to compete with the big boys from the Power 5 conferences, they have to do what they have to do to keep up.  That may mean cutting other sports.  I could easily see volleyball, tennis, and track and field getting the ax at some of those schools.  In some cases, baseball and softball may end up on the chopping block.

The situation at Maryland shows that even schools in the wealthier conferences are not immune to cutting sports, especially if their financial houses are not in order.  While Maryland’s troubles were due to gross financial mismanagement (thank you Debbie Yow), other smaller schools in the fold such as Wake Forest, Vanderbilt and Northwestern could still be on the short end – mainly because those schools are small private schools.

Another thing to consider is how this will affect the Title IX sports.  Shouldn’t female athletes receive the same financial perks as the football, basketball and in some cases baseball players receive?  Schools in that predicament may resort to the same sport cutting to make ends meet for women’s sports.  And know this: no school would even dare cut the women’s sports.  That is a Gloria Allred-led lawsuit waiting to happen.

Either way, however autonomy affects college sports as we know it is going to be intriguing as hell to watch.  It’s too early to tell, but I think the gulf between the “haves” and the “have nots” have gotten a helluva lot wider.

2014 College Football Preview: Big 12

Big_12_LogoToday’s installment of the 2014 college football preview takes us to the Big 12, the conference without a championship game and one that is not afraid of the Southeastern Conference.

Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops was really feeling himself after his Sooners curb-stomped Alabama in the Sugar Bowl.  Remember when Stoops said that the SEC was not as good as the media made it out to be?  Hell, he went as far as calling the SEC hype “propaganda.”  Well, he had PLENTY to say after his team spanked the Crimson Tide.

Speaking of the Crimson Tide, Stoops did not take kindly to what Nick Saban said.  Check out the bomb that Stoops dropped on Saban and Alabama:

“didn’t look like [Alabama wasn’t motivated] first series. They looked ready to play. Everyone thought they would rout us.”

And here’s more:

“So if I’m not in a national championship game, that means I’ve got a built in excuse”

Stoops added one more haymaker in response to Saban bitching over the up-tempo, no-huddle offenses that he thinks restrict the impact of defensive coaches:

“All those geniuses can adapt to faster pace.”

Freaking Bob Stoops, gotta love him.

At any rate, here is how I see the Big 12 shaping out in 2014…

  1. Oklahoma (8-1 conference, 11-1 overall)
  2. Baylor (7-2, 10-2)
  3. Kansas State (6-3, 8-4)
  4. Texas (6-3, 8-4)
  5. Oklahoma State (5-4, 7-5)
  6. Texas Tech (4-5, 7-5)
  7. TCU (4-5, 7-5)
  8. West Virginia (2-7, 4-8)
  9. Iowa State (2-7, 3-9)
  10. Kansas (0-9, 2-10)

Analysis:  This is clearly a two-team conference.  Both the Sooners and Bears return loaded and ready to build off of last season.  Oklahoma returns 13 starters, and quarterback Trevor Knight is expected to take a step forward in his development after a standout performance in the Sugar Bowl.  Nine returning starters lead a stout defense.  Baylor is loaded on offense, but the defense – a key part of last year’s Big 12 title team – needs to reload with just four returning starters.

What puts the Sooners ahead of the Bears is that they host Baylor in what could be a de facto Big 12 championship game.

Meanwhile, Texas is in the midst of a rebuilding project under new coach Charlie Strong.  The cupboard may not be but so bare, but the Longhorns will at least be looking up at Kansas State for third place in the conference.

As for the rest of the conference, there is nothing more to note other than there is a whole lot of mediocrity and Kansas – namely coach Charlie Weis – sucks.

Big 12 Champion:  Oklahoma Sooners (kinda obvious when you finish first in a conference that doesn’t host a conference championship game)


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