ESPN’s Schedule Special Is More Proof that NFL Is King

The NFL has struck again – and I am happy as a mother-bleep about it.

The NFL has released its 2012 schedule via ESPN tonight.  It has been on for over two hours and I am STILL watching as I am typing this.

And when the ratings for the special come out tomorrow, I guarantee you that it will be higher than any NBA game, baseball game, AND NHL playoff game in that same time slot.

This is one of the reasons why the NFL is king in the USA.  Anytime a league schedule release special draws viewers and hype, you know that league is the “shiz-niztz”.

And as crazy as tonight’s schedule release on ESPN is, just wait until the draft rolls around next week – in PRIMETIME no less.  Once again, this is the NFL’s world and the NBA, NHL, NASCAR, MLS, golf, and baseball are just living in it.

About klownboy

I am avid sports lover who cherishes all things Steelers, Knicks, and Yankees - and despise all Boston and Cleveland-based sports. Enjoy!!!

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  1. Are you telling me no one is watching the shellackin’ the Rangers are handing the NoSox tonight?

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