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Reason Why Male Cheerleaders Should not Be Heard nor Seen

This young man in Louisville just dodged a bullet.


Louisville held on to beat Pittsburgh in a Big East game over the weekend, but it didn’t come without controversy.  Check out the video below for yourself.

Look, I understand the young man’s enthusiasm, but I have some words for him: KNOW YOUR ROLE.  Your job is to toss up the eye candy female cheerleaders (except Georgetown) and make sure they do not get hurt.  It is not to throw the ball up in the sky in celebration with TIME LEFT ON THE CLOCK.

In short, heed the advice of a local sports talk show host here in Raleigh, NC: “the female cheerleader is the camera and YOU are the tripod”.

Best On-Court Tirade EVER!!!

Sports Poll #-Whatever the Hell…

Williams Trade a Gamble for the Nets

The New Jersey Nets made a splash of sorts in acquiring PG Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz a couple of days ago.

A few thoughts here:

The Nets HAD to save some face after being played AGAIN. It’s bad enough when they were left on the free agent alter last summer when they lost out on LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and other significant free agents.  It’s worse when the Nets were played by Carmelo Anthony not only once, but TWICE.  So they had to make what was surely a desperate move in trading for Williams.  Otherwise, the Nets would have taken the title of “Boo-Boo the Fool”.

Simply put, the Nets are, and has always been, the second-class citizens to my New York Knicks. Before the Williams trade, that rich-ass Russian owner was lacking a marquee name that would serve as a major draw for their future Brooklyn arena.  They hope to be able to sell Williams on the vision, which means…

The Nets are on the clock with Williams. This is a MAJOR gamble the Nets are taking here.  They mortgaged a bit of their future in trading for Williams.  The only way they could convince Williams into staying instead of going to the Knicks is by doing two things: winning and attracting another star.  The Nets need to do those two things quickly because Williams is a winner, and I bet will not take getting his ass kicked too well.

I have to ask the Utah Jazz this question:

If you knew you were going to trade Williams, why didn’t you run that by Jerry Sloan?

Calhoun’s Legacy Dinged, but Still Got off Light…

UConn men’s basketball coach John Calhoun was suspended by the NCAA for three games next season for recruiting violations committed under his watch.  Those three games will be the first three Big East conference games.

Then again, his program was spared any post-season bans, though it was placed on three years’ probation.

Upon reading that, some of you may think he got off too lightly.  It certainly seems to be the case.

Let’s face it, if an average coach got popped for recruiting violations, chances are he/she would have been suspended for many more games and be received a post-season ban for a year or two.  Hell, look at what happened to Southern Cal’s football program.

On the other hand, a lot of coaches, fans, and the media will view Calhoun in a different light.  They will look at him in the same view as known cheaters and shady coaches such as John Calipari, Jerry Tarkanian, and Bruce Pearl.

While most people are not naive and realize that most (if not all) major college programs cheat or at least push the envelope when it comes to recruiting, having years of hard work slapped with a big-ass asterisk is a punch in the stomach.

Calhoun worked VERY hard to turn UConn into a college basketball powerhouse in winning two national championships and several more Big East championships.  Too bad his hard work will now be remembered as a “yeah, but”…

Knicks Fans Should Rejoice!


As a Knicks fan I am so friggin excited about the future, I am having a hard time containing myself.  Check that, I CANNOT contain myself at the moment.

After a decade of losing and misery, I FINALLY have a reason to care about following my New York Knicks in the regular season.  We finally landed a superstar in the off-season (Amare Stoudamire), though we didn’t get the one we wanted (LeBron James).  Now, we have TWO superstars with the Carmelo Anthony trade.

I do not care if we gave the Denver Nuggets a butt-load of players.  I mean, do folks honestly think the combination of Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, and that 7-foot stiff were going to give the Knicks a better chance to win a championship than Carmelo, Amare, and Chauncey Billups?

We all saw what Felton cannot do in the playoffs last season while with the Charlotte Bobcats.  Magic PG Jameer Nelson abused the hell out of Felton.  Chandler is a role player who can shoot, not necessarily a difference maker.  Unless Gallinari turns into Dirk Nowitzki, he himself is nothing more than a good role player.

As for the Knicks’ immediate future, no one expects them to make a whole lot of noise in the playoffs THIS season.  After a good off-season of free agent acquisitions (and perhaps another trade) the Knicks will matter in the playoffs for at least the next four seasons.

As for me, I am buzzing on Cloud Nine.

“Start spreading the news…”

Vick Dissing Oprah Was a Good Move

Now don’t get it twisted.

I don’t mean that Michael Vick (or anyone for that matter) should just outright diss Oprah Winfrey just for the hell of it.  I’m saying that if he followed through with his promise to appear on Oprah, it would be a win (Oprah’s ratings)-lose (Vick) scenario.

First of all, Oprah is an avid dog-lover.  He speaks of her pet as her “daughter”.  You know Oprah would have assailed Vick with questions over his past dog-fighting.  Can’t you just picture Oprah cocked back in her chair, sizing Vick up with an “oh no you didn’t” look on her face?

She’s done it to men who appeared on her show anyway.  I digress…

If Oprah calling Vick out wouldn’t be embarrassing enough, imagine dog owners in the audience getting involved.  We all know that Oprah would have set up a mike in the audience, and allow dog-owners to come up one by one and assail Vick.  Some of dog owners would be people who adopted some of Vick’s doggie victims.

In short, it would have made Vick look bad and Oprah (and her ratings) look good.

People tend to forget that Vick spent almost two years in prison, losing tens of millions of dollars in the process.  His reputation, while not in complete tatters, is still a bit radioactive in some quarters.  He also essentially played the past two years for free because he had to pay off his creditors and lawyer fees.

I only wish people would be this emotional over HUMAN abuse/killings like they are over DOG abuse/killings.

In the meantime, Vick should stay down and continue to rehabilitate himself off the field.

Keep it moving bruh…

How I Would Change the NASCAR Scoring System

A lot of hoopla has been made concerning NASCAR’s points system.

Here are the announced scoring changes:

  • Drivers will be awarded 43 points for first place, 42 for second place and one point less for every following position down to last place.
  • The winner will receive three bonus points.
  • One bonus point will be awarded for leading a lap, as well as for leading the most laps.
  • The winner would receive a minimum of 47 points and a maximum of 48. Second would receive a minimum of 42 points and a maximum of 44.

(You can read more about them here:

While I laud NASCAR for attempting to add a bit of common sense to its scoring system, which is a step up from what it was before (, it still seems a bit convoluted.  What is the rationale of having bonus points?  I mean, so what if a driver led a lap or two.  Isn’t that what a driver is paid to do?

Here is how I would change the scoring system:

  • I would award 300 points to the winner, followed by 200 for second place and 100 points for third.
  • In an act of mercy, I would award 50 points to whomever finishes 4th, then give the subsequent drivers one less point.
  • There would be NO BONUS POINTS for leading laps or who led the most laps — in fact, no bonus points PERIOD.

This scoring system would heavily favor the winners, as ANY point system should.  That way, there would not be any controversy of Matt Kenseth winning the Sprint Cup in a year where he WON ONE RACE.

Oh, one more thing: change the “Chase for the Cup” from the top 12 to the top 10 drivers.  Make your playoffs meaningful NASCAR!!!

The Hoopla with National Signing Day Needs to Stop

I understand that National Signing Day is a big deal in the lives of young men and a proud moment of families seeing their sons and grandsons going to college on athletic scholarships.  Hell if my son were among the ones signing letters-of-intent to play for a major college football program I would be estatic as well.

I think that the media coverage/hype that surrounds it is a bit overboard.  All of that media hype risk turning those young men into self-entitled prima donnas.

Let’s examine the case of the nation’s top prep player Jadeveon (who names his/her kid that?) Clowney.  This young man was the last one to commit to a university (South Carolina).  However, he did so earlier this morning in calling HIS OWN PRESS CONFERENCE so that it would be televised for all the nation to see.

Can you imagine what may happen when Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier tries to coach him and instill some tough love to this young man?  My bet is the young man will pout and become moody until he gets his way.

A lot of young people who have been coddled and pushed through the system most of their lives tend to think they are above the law.  It happens with star athletes (DeMarcus Cousins) and other celebrities (Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton).

And what if the young man fails to live up to expectations?  That is an enormous amount of pressure to live up to for any young person.

The media needs to scale back the hype and treat it for what it is: a time of celebration for young men and their families that comes from receiving a full athletic scholarship.  Unfortunately, when it comes to ratings and being news-makers, media outlets will continue to sacrifice doing right by these young men.

Pro Football Hall of Fame Needs to Make Changes NOW!

The 2011 Hall of Fame class was announced last Saturday night at the site of Super Bowl XLV.  There were some that I agreed with, and some that made me go “what the f—?!”

Let’s start with the ones who I agreed with: Deion Sanders, Marshall Faulk, and Shannon Sharpe.

Sanders and Faulk were no-brainers as first ballot Hall of Famers.  Sanders redefined the cornerback position.  He was the first true cover corner the game had seen.  He had the speed to cover ANY receiver and rarely got beat.  If it was not for his aversion to tackling, he’d be that much greater a player.

Faulk revolutionized the running back position in that he was a threat running AND catching the ball.  Hell, defensive coordinators game-planned more for Faulk than Kurt Warner and the St. Louis Rams’ wide receivers!  As great as Faulk was running the football, no one could cover Faulk out of the backfield.  He made linebackers look slow, and safeties could not stay with him either.  Faulk was essentially a third receiver who played running back.

Sharpe should have been a first-ballot Hall of Famer.  I have no idea why the voters on the committee left him off their ballots until his third try.  I mean, he only broke every NFL tight end record (before Tony Gonzalez did it not too long ago).  As much as I love Gonzalez, Sharpe was hands-down the best tight end I have seen.  He could do it all: block, get open, and score touchdowns.  The fact that it took Sharpe this long to get this recognition is just plain pathetic.

Now here are the ones I have beef with: Chris Hanburger and Les Richter.

First of all, God bless these guys in finally making the Hall of Fame cut.  However, it took them this long to get in for a reason.  If they were not good enough for several years to make the cut, why consider them at all?  They should not have a Veteran’s Committee for ANY Hall of Fame.  Most of these old-timers were merely very good players.  They should not take the place of more deserving players.

Finally, here is the one that I really had a problem with: Ed Sabol.

How a dude who created NFL Films qualified for the Hall of Fame is beyond baffling.  What’s next, his son Steve getting in a few more years?  How about the dude who created Monday Night Football?  How they let this guy in over Cris Carter and Jerome Bettis is downright disgraceful.

Memo to the Pro Football Hall of Fame committee: LEAVE THE HALL OF FAME TO THE PLAYERS, COACHES AND EXECUTIVES.


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