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Pull the Plug on the Pro Bowl!!!

Here is another reason why the NFL should take the Pro Bowl out back and shoot it…;_ylt=AgjGKZwZ.dxe69szzbEv3145nYcB?urn=nfl-314461

St. Louis Better Pay Up…

Albert Pujols is scheduled to become a free agent next year.

Even worse, he imposed a deadline for the team to sign him to an extension (before spring training).  Worse than that, he is looking in the neighborhood of 10 years and $300 million.

The Cardinals are in a bit of a pickle.  First, they play in a baseball town with knowledgeable fans who will not forgive the organization if they let the best player of this generation (yes, he is better than “A-Fraud”) walk.  Second, word on the street is Pujols will veto ANY trade, further putting the onus on St. Louis to get a deal done.

Now the question is what should the Cardinals do?  Pay the man, of course!

Seriously, the Cardinals should AT LEAST meet Pujols halfway with 5 years and $150 million.  I don’t think it’s prudent for the Cardinals to pay Pujols $30 million a year when he’s in his 40s (he is 31 years old now).

I do think the Cardinals will have to go 7 years and $210 million.  That way, Pujols will still average $30 million a year, which is more than “A-Fraud”.

Look, it’s obvious that Pujols wants to stay in St. Louis, and I know the Cardinals want to keep him.  Hopefully for the fans sake both side can get a deal done before spring training.

If the Cardinals do not, then the Mets will in 2012…

Sports Poll # “Such and Such”…

This Just in: Boosters Run Collegiate Athletics Programs

Robert G. Burton, a college booster who is also the CEO of Burton Capital Management,  is pissed that no one consulted him on the hire of Paul Pasqualoni, the new football coach at Connecticut.  In fact, he is so pissed, that he wants that $3 mil he so kindly donated to the athletics department.

I’ve got a couple of thoughts on that.

First, boosters should have a “Coke and a smile” and shut the hell up.  Boosters should know their role.  Their job is to donate and promote.  The administrators’ jobs are to hire the best coaches money can buy and run their respective athletic departments.

Boosters remind me of those nerds in high school who were made fun of and left out of the social circles known as the “in-crowds” because they were to busy focused on their grades and not what was in style.  They figured, “well, one of these days I’ll get into a good university so I can be able to land a great job and BUY those ‘cool kids’!”

So how do those boosters get their revenge?  Buy their way into the inner-circles and flex their muscles on the unsuspecting victims, which is in this case athletic directors and other high-ranking administrators.

All of which leads me to my other thought: what else is new?

Boosters put on petulant hissy-fits because THEY CAN.  After all, they are the ones who make the multi-million dollar donations.  They are the ones who give money to 4- and 5-star recruits – ERRR, I mean pitch and market their universities to those aforementioned recruits.

So guess what happens if the coaches are not winning games or if the athletic directors are stinking up the joint?  They threaten to withhold future multi-million dollars from the school (or in the case of Burton, ask for $3 million back and remove his name from the athletic complex) unless they get what they want.

After all, everyone knows that college boosters – not athletic directors nor college presidents – run athletic programs.

Hell, if you were a fat cat like Burton, T. Boone Pickens, or Nike founder Phil Knight wouldn’t you exert some sort of power?  I know I would…

Free Carson Palmer!

Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati.

Bengals owner Mike Brown says that he won’t trade him.


Another year, another sad story from Bengal-dom.  The Bengals went from playoff darlings last season to doormat this season.

Coach Marvin Lewis wanted management (re: Mike Brown) to make changes that would make them competitive in the brutal AFC North.  A scouting department.  An indoor practice facility that other cold weather teams have.  No more bringing in problem children into the locker room.

Brown was wishy-washy on making good on his promise.  I’m guessing upon hearing that Palmer decided to throw up his hands to say “enough”.

Let me be clear on something: Palmer is not without blame for the Bengals’ fall this season.  Since his knee and elbow injuries, Palmer has not been the same elite QB.  In fact, it’s hard to argue that he is just “good”.  Also, he is not the most vocal leader in the world, allowing Chad Johnson/Ochocinco and Terrell Owens (a.k.a. “Two”) to run amok in the locker room.

However, I think Palmer needs a fresh start.  He is a good QB whose prime years have been wasted in Cincinnati the past few years.  A lot of teams would trade almost anything (Cardinals, Vikings, Redskins, Raiders and 49ers to name a few) to acquire him.

I lived in Cincinnati for four years.  I have seen the public disgust with Brown and the way he bungles personnel moves.  I’ve seen him penny-pinch his way to more $$$, even at the expense of improving his team and making it marketable.

I understand why Palmer wants out of Dodge.  Given Brown’s past deeds, he will stubbornly hold onto Palmer and forgo the possible bounty of draft picks in the process.

I always said that stubbornness leads to stupidity.  Such as life in Bengal-dom…

NFL Poll # whatever (I lost count)

Ease off of Cutler, Folks…

It was a bad weekend for Jay Cutler.

Now this drama is about to get worse for him.

Cutler left early during the Bears’ loss to the hated Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship game yesterday.  He sustained a knee injury that had former players AND HIS CONTEMPORARIES questioning his manhood.

A lot of players took to Twitter to voice their gripes with Cutler (once again proving that Twitter is a loaded gun).  Darnell Dockett said that said Cutler didn’t deserve to shower until the rest of the team left the locker room.  Here are some more tweets:

“All I’m saying is that he can finish the game on a hurt knee … I played the whole season on one,” tweeted Jacksonville Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew.

“Cmon cutler u have to come back. This is the NFC championship if u didn’t know!” Arizona safety Kerry Rhodes tweeted.

Former player and future Hall of Famer Deion Sanders said “in the playoffs u must drag me off the field.”


For the record, I am not a fan of Jay Cutler.  He comes across as a snarky dude who sometimes wonder why in the hell are you hanging in the same vicinity as him.  Seriously, he just seems disinterested in everything around him.

That said, I think folks are being way too critical of Cutler.  After all, this is the same dude who is playing through Type I diabetes.  This is also the same guy who has been sacked 55 times (!) during the regular season.  He’s started all but one game in his career since becoming a starter.

When he was sacked nine times IN THE FIRST HALF against the Giants, he never lashed out nor complained about his faulty offensive line.

Now that the word is out that Cutler sustained a tear in his MCL that would normally take 4-6 weeks to recover from, I wonder what does mo-fos are tweeting now.

“My bad dawg.”

I do not think anyone should question others’ toughness.  Hell, anyone who suits up for those NFL Sundays is tough enough for me…


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