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Goodell Dropped the Ball on Favre Ruling

This is what I would call a “preferential ruling”.

NFL Commissioner/Warden Roger Goodell fined Vikings QB Brett Favre $50,000 for allegedly “sexting” with former Jets employee Jenn Stenger while he was a member of the Jets.

The fact that the fine was less than any of James Harrison’s hits was ridiculous.  The fact that it took so long for Goodell to make any ruling was even more shameful.

Let’s be real about something here: did we even expect any suspension on Favre?  Those of us who did are extremely naive.

Goodell and the NFL did not want to end Favre’s consecutive starting streak by suspending him.  Plain and simple.

Ben Roethlisberger  got popped for four games and he didn’t even get charged for his alleged transgressions.  Favre should have been suspended for a minimum of two games.  It was a classic case of sexual harassment.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports thought that Goodell executed this in a clever way that would protect the league’s backside.  I disagree.

Goodell dropped the ball on this one big time.

Requiem of a Winning Streak

All good things must come to an end.

The UConn women fell to the Stanford women last night, ending their record winning streak at 90 games.  Not only did UConn lose, they got their asses kicked.

Now that the winning streak is over, it’s time to put it in perspective.  UConn had won all but three of those games by double-digits.  There are some members of the team who never lost a college game before last night.

The last time the UConn women lost a game was April 2008.  Guess who they lost that game to?  You guessed it: Stanford.

So let’s remember this game for what it was: an amazing winning streak that may never be matched.  It shouldn’t matter that a team full of women set the bar so high.


My VERY late Week 16 NFL Preview

Yeah I know:  I’m a week too late with this post.  Hey, this is what happens when you change web hosting services and domain names.

At any rate…

Game of the Week

New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons. This is for all the marbles in the NFC South (and arguably the NFC, period).  The Saints hurt themselves by losing in Baltimore last week, thus leaving them 2 games behind the Falcons.  And while it’s unlikely the Falcons will lose to the Panthers next week, it’s all about the Saints sending a message.  That message would be the following:  “we can – and WILL – win in your house in the playoffs”.  Unfortunately for the Saints, I do not see that happening.  Falcons 24, Saints 21.

“Who Gives a Damn?” Game of the Week

Texans at Broncos. The only reason people would pay attention to this game is if they have gambling addictions.

Upset Special

Raiders over Colts. The Colts are coming off an emotional home victory over the Jaguars last Sunday to keep their AFC South championship hopes alive – which leads to the classic “letdown”.  The Raiders are playing well as of late, and they can run the football on almost everybody (except my Steelers, of course).  Last I checked, the Colts have had trouble stopping the run this season.  The biggest factor of all is that this game will be played in Oakland, and the Colts have not been the best team outdoors this season.

Thursday’s Game

Steelers over Panthers

Saturday’s Game

Cowboys over Cardinals

Sunday’s Games

Chiefs over Titans
Ravens over Browns
Patriots over Bills
Rams over 49ers
Lions over Dolphins
Jaguars over Redskins
Bears over Jets
Chargers over Bungles
Buccaneers over Seahawks
Giants over Packers
Eagles over Vikings

UConn Women’s Streak an Amazing Feat

The University of Connecticut women’s basketball team pulled off a feat that probably will not be matched.

Eighty-nine (89) consecutive wins.

The most impressive part about that streak is that all but two of those victories had been by double-digit margins.  That is the type of domination that is unheard of.

Sure, there are detractors out there.  A lot of folks are saying that since it occurred in women’s sport, why should we give a damn?  Others make the mistake of comparing UConn’s streak to UCLA’s streak of 88.  And some folks just plain despise head coach Geno Auriemma.

While I can understand folks not liking Auriemma (though I love the guy and really enjoyed his interview on “Pardon the Interruption” last night), I think people should recognize UConn’s streak as one of the all-time greats.

To witness a team in ANY sport doing this is one of the most awesome things I have ever seen.

If anything, this winning streak is bringing more attention to women’s college basketball.  People love dynasties and dominating teams.  UConn women’s team has both of those characteristics.

The best part about this is the UConn women do not appear to be on the losing end anytime soon.  Maybe they can stretch the streak out to over 100?  Now THAT would be more than impressive…

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